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My father and I use to have two small business that we ran together and I can tell you that whole business ethics that we more or less lived by and ran our business by was that we would make sure we maintain was the OUR customer-base.

To give you an idea of the type of customer relation we lived by, Which is to try and keep in mind the customer is always right.


Instead of listing some rules we went by, how about I provide you with some truths about small business: (as I see it)

1. It is MUCH harder to KEEP a customer than it is to GAIN one. And easy to lose what you have if you make a mistake.

2. Now when we wanted to gain new customers we would advertise all over town and also try to advertise along major highways so that would bring in more customers.

3. Communication must be kept active at all times while a transaction is taking place. Keep conversation going between a owner and the customer keep the talk friendly. Make the customer feel like they are in a friendly environment and they will keep coming back.

4. All customers like options on everything they want to buy they don’t like be stuck with the same old choices. They also like letting a business know what they would like to see in there as far as what they would like to buy.

5. Businesses strive on things that will move them ahead of the competition and well listening to the customer base can and will help with this. And a good business always provides a solution to any customer problems that they may have.

6. COMPETITION makes it interesting for very business. They have to try and keep up with their competitors and try to beat or match their prices so they don’t lose any customers.

An example of high competition is Wal-Mart vs. K-mart. You can literally see the comparisons and contrasts that make this a high competition:

1. If you see a Wal-mart, you will see a K-mart nearby.

2. The layout will be fairly the same to account for stolen customers....
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