Bus101 Group Project

Topics: Fungiculture, Agaricus bisporus, Mushroom Pages: 20 (5014 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The project is a down-to-earth one; no ivory tower is there and no Dutch courage is needed. It’s all about mushroom- its cultivation and marketing where investment is extremely possible minimum. No down time exists here, as the state of art technology is not needed. Even it’s neither a capital intensive one. The project is aimed at fulfilling with the very number one basic need i.e., food along with the ex gratia, nutrition, staying at the heart at the agriculture sector, the mother of all industries. The projected outcome is that by investing BDT 2,000,000.00 (equivalent of US$ 25000.00), net income would be BDT 5,995,635.37 which states about 299.78% ROI without any substantial variation, due to the existence of antithesis relationship in between risk and return (because, here risk is at rock-bottom but the return is sky-rocketing).

Mushroom Mavens, LLC (proposed) plans to produce and market mushrooms in Bangladesh, a country with a conducive climatic condition for the cultivation of mushrooms. In Bangladesh due to escalating population growth, land to man ratio is decreasing every year. As a result, the land available for cultivation of vegetables is decreasing. These circumstances create a potential market for mushrooms, a vegetable with high nutritious value in it. The price of vegetables is skyrocketing and it is getting beyond the reach of the common people. This inadequate consumption of vegetables has created malnutrition in the general public. In such a situation, the cultivation of mushrooms would not only bring profit for the company but also meet the needed nutrition for the people of the country. Moreover, the Bangladesh Government is also providing a tax holiday for entrepreneurs cultivating mushrooms. The government and private banks are offering loans to encourage entrepreneurs to be engaged in mushroom business. A few companies are producing mushrooms for export, however, for the local market; there are an insignificant number of producers. Therefore, the main objective of this company would be to profitably serve the people of Bangladesh, who are suffering from malnutrition due to the inadequate consumption of vegetables.

The main challenge of the company will be to position mushrooms as a high quality and high value-added alternative vegetable in the local market. To achieve this, a heavy promotional campaign will be undertaken. In the first two years, this campaign will be concentrated only in Dhaka district. The company gradually will extend to other divisions such as Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna,Rangpur, and Barisal. The company will also popularize mushrooms in the rural areas through the influence of reference groups. The owners’ policy of retention of earnings within the company would support this growth strategy financially. In addition, the company would maintain a good relationship with its current creditors; this would help the company in case of a sudden need of funds.

The location of the cultivation plant in the tree-shaded rural areas with an easy communication system from the urban areas would help the company to produce quality mushrooms through the proper maintenance of temperature. Besides, the company’s precautionary measures to tackle the various natural and human created barriers would further enhance the quality and regularity of its service. In addition, the company would maintain a close relationship with the Mushroom Development Center (MDC), at Savar, Dhaka, to be acquainted with the recent developments in research and development of the cultivation of mushroom at home and abroad. Company Overview

The name of the company will be “Mushroom Mavens, LLC”. The cultivation plant of the company will be located at Hayat-kar-Chala village of the Sreepur police station in Gazipur district. The company will employ 16 employees. The management of the company will consist of one general manager (GM), one manager for the cultivation plant office, an...
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