Bus Rapid Transport Tanzania (Tanroads)

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The project is located in the city of Dar es Salaam.  The Works for the first phase cover a length of 20.9 km starting at Kivukoni Ferry to Kimara Mwisho including sections of Kawawa Road from Magomeni to Morocco and Msimbazi Road from Fire to the intersection with Nyerere Road. The Works will also include construction of 29 ordinary bus stations (bus stops) within roadway; 5 bus terminals and 2 bus depots along the project corridor as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1:        The Project Corridor – Phase 1

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has received credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of Second Central Transport Corridor Project (CTCP 2). It is intended that part of the proceeds of this credit will be applied by TANROADS to eligible payments under the contracts for the Construction of Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Infrastructure - Phase 1.

Roadways - From BRT design concept, cement concrete pavement (reinforced concrete) has been adopted for BRT lanes and flexible pavement (thick hot mixed asphalt) adopted in the mixed traffic lanes and will be laid directly on the existing stabilized base. Walkways -The walkways will be on concrete (pre-cast), according to the chainage definitions, following a module of 10m. There will be a band of 10 x 25 cm stones.

The project corridor is divided into different seven stretches, according to road characteristics, and the typologies are defined in relation to this division. Typical Cross Section is as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2:        Typical Cross Section

The construction project entails implementation of seven (7) Works Packages namely; Package 1: Road Works;
Package 2: Ubungo Depot, Feeder Station and Up-Country Bus Station; Package 3: Jangwani Depot;
Package 4: Kivukoni Terminal and Feeder Station;
Package 5: Kariakoo Terminal and Feeder Station;
Package 6: Feeder Stations; and
Package 7: Relocation of Power Utility.

5.1    Package 1: Road Works
Package 1 involves construction roads with total of 20.9km. The package is implemented under two lots: Lot 1    (10.4km): Morogoro Road from Kimara up to Magomeni including Bus Stations and Terminal Buildings (Kimara and Ubungo Terminal plus Pedestrian Bridges) and Lot 2    (10.5km): Morogoro Road from Magomeni up to Kivukoni, Kawawa Road from Magomeni up to Morocco and Msimbazi Road from Fire to  Kariakoo at intersection with Nyerere Road including Bus Stations and Terminal Buildings (Morocco Terminal and Morocco Feeder Station plus Pedestrian Bridge). Procurement of Contractors for the two lots is at final stage and the contracts are expected to be signed by May 2011 and the duration of the contract will be 24 months.

5.2    Package 2: Ubungo Depot, Feeder Station and Up-Country Bus Terminal Package 2 involves construction of three facilities namely Bus Depot, Feeder Station and the Up-country Bus Terminal. The works under this Package shall constitute of the following: a)    Demolition of existing Buildings;

b)    Construction of Concrete and asphalt finished road and parking ,  107,970 m2; c)    Construction of Depot Buildings consisting Administration Block, Main Building, Fuel Shed, Visual inspection Shed, Generator House and 2 No Gate houses and associated site works; d)    Construction of Feeder Station and Control Building consisting Feeder Bus Shed; Control Building and Ablution Block, Generator House and Gate House and associated site works; e)    Construction of Up-Country Bus Station consisting Main Shed and Ticketing Offices including parking lot and associated site works

Construction of the above facilities shall take place on the existing Up-Country Bus Terminal (UBT), which shall remain operational while the construction works continue. The construction has...
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