Bus Database Management System (Not Revised)

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Chapter 1
Introduction and Its Background
In today’s world of rapid change, many people are now expecting a more comfortable life than before. Because of improvement of technology, machines are now made by human hands and its success helped many people around the world. With these machines, the human effort had been reduced. Human beings are not satisfied about what they’ve made. They improved the computers to store many data and to create applications that will help the users. By that, database management system had been made. The work now is not time-consuming, hassle-free and easy to be done. Using database system nowadays, is very helpful to the companies or small businesses to have a more understandable and reliable system for them to have a more comfortable job. The database that the developers will make will benefit bus companies to help the administration, employees and the costumers.

Saulog Transit Inc. is a bus transportation company in the Philippines servicing routes between Cavite, Metro Manila, and Zambales (Olongapo City) or Benguet (Baguio City). Its sister company, Dagupan Bus Co., Inc. is its arm covering major routes in Pangasinan and some areas in Northern Luzon. This Company Offers De Luxe, Air Conditioned and comfortable ride for public transportation customers. Saulog Transit Inc. was named after its founder, Alejandro Saulog, the grandfather of the presently majority of the Saulog clan consisted of Teodoro Saulog, Susan Saulog, Melquiades Saulog, Lilia S. Venturina, and Marietta S. Vergara. The company started operation in 1946 with orangy yellow, silver and dark green bus paint design. In 1974, Saulog Transit Inc. acquired the franchise of Villarey Transit, which it used to operate its sister company, Dagupan Bus Co., Inc. initially with only six Mitsubishi Fuso buses as part of its expansion in Northern Luzon. It was in 2010 when Saulog Transit and Genesis Transport Service Inc. signed a memorandum of agreement for the long time cooperation and allocation of the franchise of the former. Genesis Transport answered all of the assets of Saulog Transit when it was found out that the Saulog clan was unable to shoulder all of the annual contributions to SSS, Pag-ibig and PhilHealth. Hence, Saulog Transit and Dagupan Bus Co., Inc. acquired new bus units. General Objective:

To design and develop a database management system for the Bus Liners to help them have a more understandable, effective, and efficient method of retrieving and storing data. Specific Objective:
The creators want to make an improved data storage purposely made for those that are having a hard time to understand and operate a complex device. To add a more comprehensible ticketing system that will help commuters to have a better understanding about the fare that they are paying. To have a more efficient way of keeping and tracking transactions.

Significance of the study
The result hopes to promote a better system for the administration that is responsible to run the company. For the Employees and staff that are working for the company to have a more understandable system and for the costumers to have the enough data that they need. Scope and Limitations

The researchers will construct, design and implement a database that will record all the data that is necessary on the operation of the bus company. In doing this, they also want to help them ensure that all the information and transactions in and outside the company are being recorded appropriately and are being updated every time. This in turn could lead in more efficient and effective use of their resources and time. We might doesn’t have other tables on other data that they want to store because we also don’t know what the other bus company want for them to completely store all the data that they will input. But we ensure that they can input the major data’s that is need to store.

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