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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Discussion Board Week 1 BUS 660
How can a manager demonstrate that he or she is a responsible end-user of information systems? Give several examples. End users may be anyone who use information systems or the information which is produced by the system, this may include clients/customers, salespeople, clerks, or anyone in management. Information obtained in business should be treated as confidential. As a responsible end-user of this information any worker or individual who has access to the information, no matter what their position in the company, should respect and uphold the confidentiality of the information. It is their ethical responsibility as well as their duty. As a manager we should always consider how the information is used, not only by our workers but also how we use the information. Information systems are available to the business to use as tools to meet the goals of the organization, and not to be used improperly, irresponsibly or in a way that would harm anyone or society. The potential harms that could come from a breach of information could include privacy infringements, inappropriate or incorrect information, and conspiracy. A responsible manager would assure that information systems and information obtained be used to support the strategies of the business. Every individual in the organization should understand that it would be unethical and illegal to obtain and use any information gained through information systems for personal interest or gain. Information that is used properly will enhance the structure and culture of the business as well as increase the value. In the Department of Social Services information obtained from our clients as well as our computer systems, is very confidential. As a supervisor I must insure that my workers are aware of and follow all guidelines concerning information that they obtain. There was an incident years ago where one worker overheard another worker discussing a male client’s medical...