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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Managers within organizations are faced with the challenges daily of making excellent decisions. In everyday life we are challenged in making sound decision, decision that will last for a life time. Folk often wonder after making a decision if it was the right choice, will it affect the people around me, was this a good choice for my family, and will the decision affect them. In order to be an effective manager you have to possess the skill of outstanding decision making skills. In order for one to be successful within their personal life they may also need to possess an understanding of effective decision making. The decision- making process should be one that makes a positive change. Can the decision making process work for organization as well as individuals. In the present global market, firms compete for market share and the demand from consumers using many strategies and systems. In this paper we will analyze how the companies take effective managerial decisions. We will analyze company current financial position, its economic environment, effect of government regulation of the company and company PEST circumstances. I am going to analysis the Acer Computer is a pioneer in the manufacture of optical laptops and has done extensive research and developed an optical notebook which is almost five times faster than traditional chip-based computers. In this paper, this writer creates a set of pricing and non-pricing strategies designed to enable Acer to maximize its economic profits in different market structures. This writer also discusses how Acer could justify investment in technology, research and development, and economic efficiency to maximize its economic profits within different various market structures.

Acer is the first company to enter the market with notebooks with the patent rights of optical computers. This means that Acer Company has the advantage of a monopoly market and is a price maker. According to McConnell−Brue, “Some...
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