Bus 517 - Request for Project Audit

Topics: Project management, Performance, Construction Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: April 28, 2013
To: Project Manager, Project Soaring High
Subject: Request for Project Audit – Soaring High


I am writing you as a member of Project Soaring High to suggest that we perform a project audit. I, as I’m sure you are too, am elated to be part of such a high performing, successful project. My suggestion is not an indication of problems; it is simply to ensure we have continued success. There are many positive and compelling reasons to conduct a project audit. Project audits: 1) include a reassessment of the project’s role in the organization’s priorities 2) includes a check on the organizational culture to ensure it facilitates the type of project being implemented 3) assess how well the team is functioning and if it is properly staffed 4) check on external factors that might change where the project is heading 5) include a review of all factors relevant to the project and to managing future projects. In addition to the aforementioned reasons to conduct a project audit, there are two widely accepted types of project audits from which we can chose from: - In-process project audit: completed early in the project and allows for corrective action if necessary. This type of audit concentrates on project progress and performances and check to see if conditions have changed. - Post-project audit: tend to include more detail and depth than the in-process audit. These audits emphasize improving the management of future projects and are more long-term oriented. Although this type of audit does check on the project performance, it really represents a broader view of the project’s role in the organization. I am more than willing to take the lead on this endeavor if you approve the project audit. I am available at your convenience to discuss this matter further if you wish. Thanks in advance for your consideration and I look forward to your response. Best Regards,

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