Bus 475 Week 2

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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A new product on the market must have its own place and need. A wireless satellite system for entertainment purposes will allow the customers to serve multiple units within the same house without the need to run new wires. The focus will be the consumer and how this product will alleviate certain burdens on them.

The marketing strategy will be comprised of three aspects. The first will be to everyone the benefits of a wireless satellite dish. This will include not only the ongoing quality of the picture and sound, but also the ability for the homeowner to support multiple units from the same HUB without the need of running additional wires to those units. This will lead to the notion that the homeowner can relocate any unit anytime he or she wants too because there is no need to set up anything except to plug in the television and the receiver. The campaign will highlight how quick the installation time, cutting it down by 80%, now that there are no wires to run and no need to drill holes into the walls.

The second aspect of the marketing strategy is to allow existing customers the option to upgrade to the new system for a one time minimal fee which would cover the different in cost from the existing HUB to the new wireless one. An option may be to buy back the now unneeded wires from the household and to patch any the existing holes allowing the homeowner the freedom to relocate the current unit.

The third step to the strategy would be to offer a great starter deal to our competitor's customers so they will then switch services and realize the ease of this new system. Even conventional cable companies still needs a physical cable to provide service. The strategy will show everyone how easy it is to use, how safe it is with the ability to password protect it, and the hassle free nature of the product.
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