Bus 475 Value Alignment

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Value Alignment Paper

Edleen English


March 13, 2013
Carol Sommers

Value Alignment Paper

This paper analyzes individual values and the organization, HealthCare Synergy, Inc.’s, values as reflected by their plans and actions. It includes the origin and subsequent evolution of my personal and workplace values. The paper explains how individual values drive actions and behaviors while analyzing the alignment between values and actions and behavior. The paper will demonstrate analysis of the degree of alignment between HealthCare Synergy, Inc.’s stated values and their actual plans and actions. It will attempt to explain the differences and analyze the degree of alignment between your values and the organization’s values as reflected by the organization’s plans and actions. Origin of Personal and Workplace Values

After careful analysis of the origin of my personal values, I realize a great amount of my values are directly influenced by the upbringing I received from my parents and other close family members and friends, teachers throughout my education, and maybe even television and movies. Culture, tradition, and social standards helped in nurturing values such as accountability, consistency, commitment, integrity, leadership, and respect to name a few. After considering the origin of my workplace values, I realized these too were in direct correlation with culture, tradition, and social standards learned from personal experiences with people I considered close and valued throughout my life, including previous job positions and employees I’ve worked with in the past. Subsequent evolution of my personal and workplace values have a lot to do with exposure to different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and social and political influences. As my personal and workplace experiences increase, so do my expectations. Actions and Behavior Driven by Individual Values

My individual values drive my actions and behavior. Personal...
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