Bus 375 the Transfer of Training

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The Transfer of Training
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The Transfer of Training
It is no surprise that training is extremely important to the progression of organizations. It should then be no surprise that there is a great need to for the employees to use this training as a way to improve their knowledge, abilities, and skills. According to the text, “Transfer of training refers to trainees’ effectively and continually applying what they learned in training (knowledge, skills, behaviors, cognitive strategies) to their jobs,” (Noe, 2010, Pg. 187). Once there is learning retention from the training program, the employees can then begin to generalize and maintain their learning. Generalization means that the employee can take what has been learned and apply them to similar work situations and problems to those described by the training. Maintenance happens when employees continue to use this knowledge over time. Unfortunately, an industry report suggests that around the world organizations spend billions of dollars a year on training, but the research shows that training is not having the return that they would like to see (Jaidev, 2012, Pg. 55). The important questions one must ask are 1) what are the primary factors that play a role in the success of the process, 2) how can application of the training objectives be sustained, and 3) what are some of the challenges? Throughout this paper these questions will be answered. What are the primary factors that play a role in the success of transferring training? Referring to the text, “…the work environment and trainee characteristics play an important role in ensuring that transfer of training occurs. Transfer of training is also influenced by training design,” (Noe, 2010, Pg. 187). The work environment should be one that supports learning. There should not only management support, but also peer support as well. Employees should encourage one another to use the new learning...
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