Bus 303 Quiz 1

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Matt Moreau is a newly appointed manager of customer services department for Bantings department stores. The aim of setting up this department is to improve the quality of customer services and to develop organization-wide impact programs. Therefore it is important for the whole corporation. Matt has to find someone who has great skills and good performance to his new customer department. Steven Judson has already helped him find an appropriate person, Sally Armitage. However if Sally is offered the chance, she may could have problems on taking care of her child and her health could not take the challenge because she had ever got cancer in the past. Moreau has to decide whether he should offer the chance to Sally. Identify the stakeholders

Matt Moreau is a newly appointed manager of customer services for Banktings department stores. His new customer services department is very important for the whole corporation and there are also difficult and demanding tasks laying ahead for Matt. It is critical for him to get some good person like Sally who has excellent line management experience in his team.

Sally Armitage is a great worker in the company for a lot of years. She has great performance in every year and she eagers to have a chance to work in the head office. However a few years ago, she had cancer and received two years treatment in hospital. Although she come back to work at last, her heath may not allow her to take too much pressure and heavy work. Sally is also a single mother who has a teenage daughter. She has to take the responsibility for her daughter.

Sally’s daughter is only a teenager. She would be the worst victim if Sally had some health problem. If Sally would take the new job, there would be risk on her daughter and they have to move to downtown. That means Sally’s daughter may have to study in a new place or take a long time to commute to her school.

Tony Abbott is the regional manager and Sally’s boss. From his point of...
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