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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Motivation and Teams Case Study
February 27, 2013

The case study of Sheets shows her motivation came from two needs. The first was her self esteem and the how she strived hard to be successful. This really showed through her hard work and desire to be a perfectionist. When Sheets quit her job, it showed her desire to achieve and that she is willing to take risks. Sheets second need is the need for belongingness because Sheets had children. As a hard working woman, she was capable of putting all her children through college, in addition she also made the company family oriented by having her daughter as the CFO and President and her sons as franchise owners and board members. Sheets approach to creating high performing teams within the company was created by hiring the people that she can trust the most which were her very own children.

The next case study is on Klaus Kleinfeld. Klaus was a cocky individual and he knew that by introducing his skills that they could take himself and the company to the highest levels of success within the company. Klaus was an individual that thrived on competition which make him very ambitious and accomplished. In Klaus’ career his greatest example that proclaimed his desire for greatness was the way he sacrificed lots of energy and time to success that he held ten jobs within the company in 17 years. Klaus had a a lot of endless energy! His approach on his own life rubbed off on his team and set examples. His motivation from within excelled to his employees and staff and because of it, it created a high performing team.
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