Bus/210 Week 4 Swot Analysis of New World Agency Inc.

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SWOT Analysis of New World Agency Inc.
BUS 210 – Foundation of Business
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Company Profile
New World Agency (NWA) is a sports management firm that aims to provide elite athletes with unparalleled professional representation in North America’s most competitive and lucrative sporting associations. Founded in 2010, NWA brings together highly credentialed industry professionals to offer a comprehensive solution to players’ needs both on and off the field of play. NWA offers unique partnerships with leaders in physical and psychological training, as well as financial strategists and marketing agencies ensure that our clients receive the most complete coverage possible in the intensely competitive world of professional sports. Strengths

NWA’s strengths come from the structure of how the company is operated. Currently, NWA is owned and operated by its Founder and CEO, who is also the only Agent employed by the company. This is strength because it is a company in the building stages and does not need to pay for any expenses other than those that are needed. The company has the ability to outsource all of their services to leading professionals within the industry with whom they have verbal partnerships with. The fee for these services is low in cost because the partners are given exposure and glamour of professional athlete(s) using their services. Some of the partners will even offer their services for free pending current status of the athlete. Weaknesses

The biggest weakness in starting up a sports agency or as an individual sports agent is the number of existing agents in the business and the power house agencies. The NHLPA, for instance, has approximately 150 certified agents, with approximately 700 players. That means the “average” agent will or should have between four and five clients (players). This is where the weakness becomes clear. How is an agency with no certified agents supposed to sign a future NHL star? The...
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