Bus 210 Week 4 Swot Analysis

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Week 4 Day 7 Assignment; SWOT Analysis
BUS 210
Student: Nielsen, Julie, A.
Due Date; March 17 2013
Instructor, Aaron Carter

SWOT ANALYSIS: Salon Business Plan Venture
http://www.bplans.com/tanning_salon_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php#1.3_Keys_to_Success INTRODUCTION-
The analysis of the Tanning Salon Business is entrepreneurial start- up implementation venture in the personal Care industry. The business model Ownership of Property is a Sole –Proprietorship venture. The initial roles of management for, leadership, organization, and control are the senior management Team of, experienced business Owners, (Shelly, and Keith Harwood) with plans for, adding an outsourcing of part-time Team of Multi-Level employee labor source. Labor and personnel plans are to include the organizational group of part-time cross-functional Team of employees under control of the hierarchical structure of; Senior and Multi-level outsource management during the busy season. The financial plan for implementation is the initial owner financing investment of $65k. The projected gross net profit after one year is dependant on research studies from competition in the vicinity. Start up Business plan with projected Owner financed, start-up costs of, $65k. The return on the initial investment expectations is to return in profits within a 12-36 month time span. Although the business plan venture appears sound and worthy, it is necessary to base the analysis on the strengths, weakness, and projected assumptions and research.

As a previous owner of a tanning salon, there are indications where several areas of the project plan require some additional research for re- analysis that provide opportunities and input of some constructive criticism and students ideas for profitability and research to avoid risk and weakness for sustainability in this industry...

Internal Strengths and Weakness
The intentions and strategy to dominate the competition with a more luxurious and personalized approach to individualizing customer service by building consumer confidence with one-on-one rapport are worthy and positive goals for the business owners. These entrepreneurs are already experienced in the operations and common ownership experiences for15 years of background strategies for business planning. Such as, appealing to customer satisfaction with previous knowledge and experience from Start-up Implementation to, buying and selling former business. However, there is a question of experience in this particular Industry. They lack background experience and knowledge in the Personal Care Services Industry. The research should be more robust. The research criteria focus is currently focused on profit and weakness of competitors. The research does not address any Public Health and safety issues caused from the use of tanning equipment known for causing some types of skin cancer and other skin disorders. The business could be at risk of liability or civil suits for damages. All risk scenarios need to be fully researched and to accurately access determine the current projections and sustainability are sound. There are strengths in the planning of this business. The proposed location and populas of the vicinity identifies the possibilities for the customer base size. The location with a nearby gym ensures a lot of foot traffic and exposure for new business. One drawback of the location is that most gyms have tanning beds as part of the membership. The Tropical Tan business owners have strategized some creative specialties into their planning for the competitive advantage. such as, value pricing monthly session bundles paid for in advance increasing cash flow. The competitive edge strategies include the bundling of services and sale of newer most- popular retail products. This internal sales tool not utilized by the competition . The customer price-to-value-Price works well for increasing cash flow for...
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