Bus 210 Swot

Topics: Internet, Management, Strategic management Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Business 210
SWOT Analysis
Danielle Jones
October 10,2010

JavaNet Internet Café is the first of its kind located in Eugene, Oregon. The goal of the company is to broaden the community’s accessibility to affordable Internet through social interaction and entertainment. JavaNet is the creation of University of Oregon graduate Cale Bruckner. Cale has business degrees in both Marketing and Management. His level of expertise also includes product development, product marketing, team management, resource allocation, human resources management, and business content development. Cale wrote the business plan for JavaNet Internet Café in 1995 and is currently the vice president of Product Development for Palo Alto Software Incorporated. Cale incorporated JavaNet as an LLC and has three outside investors Luke Walsh, Doug Wilson, and John Underwood. The goal of business plan for the company is to sustain the company through the first three years of operation. Financing and personal investment will allow the company to open and fully operate the first year in business. Profits from acquiring a high scale Internet café will allow JavaNet to be self-supported in year two. In year three, the customer base for the company should be strong enough to distinguish from ordinary coffee houses increasing its popularity while making this a thriving profitable business. The business plan provides full detail of inception to execution of the business and the strategies for executing the business. With this being a small business a complicated chain of management is not necessary. All decisions are made by the owner of the company Cale Bruckner. The business model does however call for a small chain of management from the six part-time employees, to the site manager, a technician that is always on hand and the owner of the company.

* A knowledgeable staff – staff members are proficient in Internet navigation and will be able to assist novice Internet users....
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