Bus 174: Movie Synopsis

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Brian Gomez
SOC 203
December 12, 2011
In the movie Bus 174, the main character Sandro a.k.a Sergio, had suffered from a great ordeal of crime that led to keeping hostages on a bus. The questions that kept raising in the civilians heads on the bus were if he’s crazy, gang related crime, or just a street kid trying to take money. What didn’t come across their heads was why is he doing it what’s the motivation for him to commit such crime. Crimes that happened around us aren’t always what we presume it is but instead there is more to it. In history there have been many crimes but along with them there’s always a theorist that tries to prove a point in a person’s behavior and explains through a variety of information collected in studying the human mind. In this case, Sandro chased crime because of the childhood he had; unlike a common person that would have a childhood without problems. Three of the much important theories in sociological history apply to how Sandro grew up and led the life that he wasn’t supposed to. Robert Agnew, Robert Merton, Park and Burgess, and Shaw and Mckay explain these theories through the civilization that we grow up in. The General strain theory, strain theory and the concentric zone model are theories that apply to Sandro’s life from innocent boy to a criminal.

Sandro endeavored many obstacles before he became the criminal that took hostages on that bus. At the age of six, he witnessed his mother being murdered right before his eyes and couldn’t do anything about it. It was only him, his younger sister and his mother that was living with each other at the time. He didn’t have a father or grandparents when he was raised which led to nobody looking after him after his mother’s death. Sandro didn’t get the justice he wanted in finding his mother’s killer but instead he joined the streets to try to find a life. He soon found himself in a place called Meyer, where he met other kids and formed a gang that shared something in common and that was a family tragedy or just didn’t have anyone else to care for them. Sandro and the gang of kids had to survive by being beggars in the street but that didn’t leave them much where they would beg around. They had to move around and switch up places, in Copacabana there were many tourists that would give in to the poor kids and give them money or food. Much of the tourists or civilians didn’t pay attention to them and would just ignore them like if their nobodies. For the street kids their reality was the corner and the gangs were friends to them. Along his life outside on the streets Sandro had yet again witnessed the shooting of his friends in Candela by police officers who didn’t took fond of the kids hanging around. All of these types of events were kept suppressed in his mind hoping that he wouldn’t have to go through witnessing another murder. Sandro reverted to the life of drugs by sniffing glue, cocaine and started to rob people at traffic lights so he would be able to provide himself with drugs, food and clothes. Eventually Sandro was sent to a socio-educational correctional facility where hopefully he would be rehabilitated but it was worse being in there than outside. The facility and the correctional officers were all corrupted and mistreated the inmates by beating them down, killing them or worse sodomized. The punishments that were carried out in the facility may result for worst behavior when they come out of the facility. The only lesson taught in the facility was to feel enraged against someone and that’s how Sandro tried to avoid. During his time in prison he had a visit from his aunt and sister; after seeing them it had a positive effect on him. Knowing that he still had some kind of love towards him by someone close he knows that he isn’t alone.

Robert Agnew’s theory of General strain theory is one of the theories that apply into Sandro’s life. Agnew discusses into his theory that those who choose to follow the path of a criminal are...
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