Burundi Drums

Topics: Drum, Drum kit, Burundi Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The drums of Burundi are instrument that is both revered and popular in Burundi, mostly played for national celebrations, cultural events, distinguished guests and tourists. The people left from the ancient lineage of drummers( to be a drummer, it was through family, from father to son) have kept their art alive and, in some cases, have had great success in popularizing it around the world. The drums of Burundi have become the pride of our nation. To understand our history as Burundian, you would have to understand why the drums are important figures in our history. The Burundian drum is made from a piece of tree trunk cut from certain forest species called locally known as Imivugangoma it means "trees that make drums speak". The history of drums begins around the fourteenth century when the first king of Burundi appeared. The Burundian drums were not mere musical instruments but rather they were considered sacred objects and played for protection and security of the kingdom. The term ingoma (drum) in Burundi has a very wide semantic field; it can refer to percussion drum, ritual drum, dynastic drum, power (royalty or otherwise), reign (or equivalent), government era, or a particular country (kingdom) in the joy and fervor of all Burundians, they kept rhythm with the regular cycle of the seasons which ensured the prosperity of the herds and fields. During the monarchy period, no one in Burundi could manufacture a drum or have a drum manufactured without a formal order from the king, who alone held the privilege of owning the drums and having them played for him. As sacred objects, they were only played under exceptional circumstances and for ritual purposes including at the coronations and when there is funerals of kings. The sacred drums were the myth of the country, symbols of the sovereignty of the king. Drums had various names, such as "dispenser of peace" or "lady of the land". At the king’s court there were the two sacred drums “Karyenda” and...
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