Burro Genius the Tale of Mygesta

Topics: Education, Higher education, Learning Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Bahadar Panhwar
Professor Reina
17 April, 2013
Chicanos and Education

Topic of Study: Chicanos and Education (Specifically Secondary School and College) Big Question: How did education need major improvement back in the 1960’s? How were Chicanos deprived of an equal and opportunity filled education? Rationale: Personally I was looking for a topic to study about how education needs improvement and in what ways. I was looking into the time period of the twentieth century and this was geared more for a specific race of people, Chicanos. We don’t always know what we are being deprived of in education opportunities, and we do not know how it may affect us. In this study I hope to gain more knowledge on Chicanos and their struggle and how the chicano youth being educated properly was major factor. Summary: At this time I do not know a whole lot about what I am reading. Learning about this topic will make my study more intriguing and expand my knowledge of the history behind the educational system. I hope to incorporate knowledge of how Chicanos and their struggle of not getting a fair education, leads to equality in education. My goal by the end of this final exam is to be smart about the education system and know what the difference between a fair and unfair education system is. Prediction: Reading these sources will open my eyes and make me more realistic of how education still to this day needs reformation. It will help me to understand what the Chicanos were deprived of in their education and how it will effect the next “Baby Boom Generation” amongst Chicanos. Sources:

1. “Chicanos in Higher Education” By Adelberto Aguirre: Wiley, 1993 2. “Chicanos and Chicanas in Contemporary Society”, Roberto M. DeAnda: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2004 3. Website: http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/6584/

4. Website: Tshaonline.com/handbook/online/articles
5. “Mendez VS. Westminister”, Philppa Strum: University Press of...
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