Burqas Should Not Be Banned

Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Modesty Pages: 3 (1384 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Religion and Society Article Assignment. Articles used – 3A and 3B. The Burqa. Sylvie Maclean.

A Burqa is an article of clothing that is generally considered as a religious statement. The Burqa consists of full robes and a mesh veil over the eyes. There are other options of robes that can be worn including the Hijab and the Niqab, where the eyes remain uncovered. According to come interpretations of the Islamic sacred text - the Koran (Qur’an) – women must wear a full veil in order to be modest. Many Muslims wear the Burqa because it is symbolises and is a part of their spiritual journey, so they wear it by choice. While others wear the Burqa because they believe they have to, as it is one of the commandments of god to dress modestly. There are many Muslims who choose not to wear the Burqa at all. They may opt for a simple headscarf and normal clothing; they also can wear the Hijab or Niqab. But then again there are many Muslims who choose to dress in normal clothes, therefore bringing no attention to their religion. Not wearing the headscarf or robes does not make a person any more religious, nor does wearing the Burqa make someone more religious than another Muslim who is not wearing any religious clothing at all. Just through reading articles A and B, we see that there is a lot of controversy involved in this topic, and something I would like to address is how we have the right to tell others how to dress when their clothing choice brings no harm upon us and is a completely individual and personal choice.

Image Source: http://www.hopeitw.com/knowledge/abaya-niqab-burqachadordupatta-hijab/#sthash.OXN8dy8O.dpbs Image Source: http://www.hopeitw.com/knowledge/abaya-niqab-burqachadordupatta-hijab/#sthash.OXN8dy8O.dpbs Throughout article A ‘Why I’m proud to wear the Burqa’ we see examples of the controversies over the banning in France. The author - Oumkheyr - is a Muslim woman who wears the full Burqa by choice, and is being strongly threatened by the...
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