Burqa Ban

Topics: France, Law, Human rights Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: June 16, 2011
The Anti-French Burqa Ban: The Law Should Be Changed

CNN has announced the official ban of burqas’ in France. The French government claimed that the law does not suppress the freedom of religion saying it “the law conforms to the constitution”. Wearing a burqa can result in a fine of 150 Euros and required citizen courses. If a man was to force a woman to wear a burqa the fine will be 15,000 Euros and/ or a year in prison. Statistics have shown that every two out of three Americans oppose the ban. Being known as a free nation, citizens of America are used to having the right to “showcase” religion. The French government described wearing a burqa as “a new form of enslavement that the republic cannot accept on its soil.” If one is enslaved to their own religion by their own choice then it should not be stopped. Christians commonly wear a cross necklace to show their devotion to their religion. No one has stopped them claiming it was “a new form of enslavement” by wearing the necklace. Before the taliban (who is not capitalized to protest their work) burqa’s were simply another sign of devotion. To those women who voluntarily wear the burqa in honor of its past symbol, then that should not be banned or punished. They should be commended for their strength. It is how they represent their religion in a peaceful way. When the Frenched polled who disapproved compared to those who approve the results were drastic. The results said 82% approved while only 17% disapproved. There are only 3.5 million Muslims in France, that is only 6% of the population. Can Muslims really be properly represented when they only are 6% of the population? The burqa has represented religion in the past, not a form of enslavement. Those who choose to represent the burqa according to its past symbols then they should not be stopped.
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