Burnol Case

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Burnol Case Study
What is your suggestion to Dr Morepen for its repositioning and resultant growth keeping in mind the limited budget the company has at its hospital? Considering the fact that Burnol product has become generic to customers usage & hence there is less / no repurchase of the product in the market. Reason being, the product is accepted only as ‘burn specialist’ and not as an Antiseptic cream unlike Boroline, boroplus etc. But it is also necessary to remember that Burnol has remained as a Sole Burns cream in the market and hence, removing or changing the brand name of this product may lead to a negative impact on its current sales & brand image. Keeping in mind the limited budget that Dr Morepen is able to place for its re-positioning, coming up with new items in a different product line may not be advisable (as it may require a fresh start on capital, purchase, production & marketing investments). Therefore, presenting a new product subsidised as an Antiseptic cream (having the antiseptic composition which Burnol already contains) corresponding to Burnol persisting as a ‘Burns specialist’. The positioning of the ‘Clearol’ product can be best explained through the 4Ps (Product, Place, Price & Promotion) – marketing elements. PRODUCT:

Burnol has been one of the oldest antiseptic creams in India for more than 60 years, but has been accepted only as a Burns specialist. Introducing ‘Clearol’ as a distinct Antiseptic cream in terms of design, composition, and colour of the cream, packaging and customising the product in a more appealing manner to the customers. Featuring the product in such a way that can be applied not only on Cuts, wounds and dry skin but also treat all sort of skin problems like acnes, scratches, rashes, sun burns and even cracked lips etc. ‘Clearol’ by name itself speaks that it is meant for clear skin, an ‘All-purpose Antiseptic Cream’. As the product being new to the market, package design must be informative to...
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