Burned by Ellen Hopkins

Topics: Love Pages: 5 (1881 words) Published: October 3, 2012
IRA - Reader Response SheetName Chelsea Moore

Title of Book / Author: Burned/ Ellen Hopkins # of pages 531 Directions: Section your book into 4 parts. Write a response for each part that is your thoughts, feelings, reactions, connections, questions, etc. about what you read. DO NOT WRITE A PLOT SUMMARY. |Part I: pages: 1-132 |Part II: pages 132-264 | |Right now I have just been introduced to the main character, Pattyn. She is such |By this part of the book, Pattyn has introduced a new character in her life, her | |an average teenager in my mind, questioning everything and letting curiosity get |new boyfriend Derek. To me right off the bat he seems like an average teenage | |the best of her. The only thing that really confuses me right now in the book is |boy. I like to think that guys are somewhat like fishermen and in this book there| |why she doesn’t let her free will get the best of her. I personally think that |is a perfect example. Guys are like fishermen because they toss their bait into | |humans have brain power and free will for a reason, and she’s too scared of her |the ocean and try to make everything look nice to the fish but when they finally | |dad to try to enjoy her brain power. I can really connect with her through these |catch them; they throw them in the boat and let the fish finally realize that | |first couple of pages though, when she starts to describe her place in the books |what was looking nice to them was just a trick for the fishermen to catch them. | |she gets from her librarian Mrs. Rose. She’s pretty much the only person that has|If you don’t clearly get the picture, just think of it this way; guys bait girls | |reached out and let Pattyn discover an interest outside of the LDS Mormon |into the “boat of love” which isn’t love in the first place, but they make it | |religion. This also brings up another reason why I connect with Pattyn, even |look that way to the girl, but when they’re finally in the boat they can’t do | |though we both want to be loyal to our family and our religious beliefs, we know |much because the guy is getting their goods (goods as in being their body). Okay,| |that there is more out there, more to life. As much as she’s afraid to admit it, |so enough with the cheesy metaphors, ha. By this time in the book Pattyn is a | |it’s true. I also don’t understand why Ellen Hopkins decides to make a |stupid, naïve, seventeen year old that doesn’t know any better, and hasn’t | |relationship the strong turning point of this story. I mean teenagers go through |experience real love like most girls in high school so she doesn’t know what do | |the whole cliché dating thing through high school where you have to endure the |when Derek comes into the woods with her just to explore each other’s bodies. | |overrated “make up & break up” thing. But from my point of view if she really |Through the next couple of pages it really blows my mind that Pattyn gets so mad | |wanted to get her audience’s attention I would have had something happen with |at Derek when he breaks up with her (finally, she should have saw it coming), | |Pattyn’s father after he was introduced as the Mormon man with the hidden secret |that she punches a girl in the face, accidentally breaks a window by the entrance| |of alcoholism. The only reason I would have liked it to happen this way is |of her library and her dad sends her off to the lovely state of Nevada to live | |because you could tell that with the way Pattyn described her father that he was |with her aunt for a while. If I was Pattyn’s mother by this point we would | |not a man that she wanted in her life at all. He was a man that had forced the |seriously be sitting down and having a very deep conversation about the rights | |LDS religious views down her...
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