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Topics: Leptin, Weight loss, Obesity Pages: 21 (7863 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Before we get started, I want you to know that this report is for YOU whether you’’re male or female, younger or more mature, and if you’’ve tried yet failed to lose weight with cheap diet pills, pre-packaged diet meals, starvation diets, exercise DVDS, ab gadgets, or even ““dieting”” in general…… believe me, there is a better way…… that greedy weight loss companies hope you never hear about……

Hi, this is 4-time bestselling author and nutritionist Joel Marion, and here’’s a photo of me with my beautiful wife Lisa (look how great she looks at 40!) and our 1 year old daughter Lily……isn’’t she just adorable? She truly is my pride and joy…… Now, as a busy family man myself, I know your time is extremely valuable, which is why in this fast-paced weight loss report I’’m going to quickly GIVE you 3 of my best rapid fat loss insider secrets, including how you can strategically begin using foods like pizza and ice cream to immediately accelerate your fat loss results as early as today’’s lunch, TheFatBurningHormone.com 2

dinner, or whenever your next meal is scheduled to roll around. (Sounds far-fetched, I know, but stick with me and I’’ll show you how.) And to further thank you for downloading this report, not only will I share those 3 breakthrough strategies with you——easy-to-implement strategies responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of people all over the world walking around with slimmer, sexier waistlines by putting them to good use——but when you read this information packed report to the end, I’’m also going to reveal to you a brand new trick my clients are using that’’s currently yielding results better than anything we’’ve ever tried……and here’’s the best part…… It only takes 30 seconds to execute each day. But before we jump in to those powerful fat-burning tips and tricks, I’’m going to share a story with you that’’s pretty embarrassing…… you’’ll see why in just a moment, so keep reading…… In fact, there’’s one part of the story that I almost permanently edited out of this report entirely because it really is that embarrassing……but I chose to leave it in so you can truly understand this one fundamental truth: You see, while I’’ve been fortunate enough to have my work positively affect millions upon millions of men and women via countless newsstand magazines, television shows, and news outlets for more than a decade, I wasn’’t always the ““diet guru”” I’’m known as today. y

In fact, if you were to come across me in my college days——a period of time in which most people are sporting the best bodies of their life——you wouldn’’t have a clue that I even worked out.



Sadly, I was working out……to the tune of 2 draining hours a day……and on top of that I was doing everything I thought I should do to ““eat right”” in an attempt to change my body. But as you may have also experienced at one time or another, or perhaps you’’re dealing with it right now, despite all my hard work I wasn’’t getting anywhere. My body was still as pudgy as ever, my gut still hung over my belt buckle, and I was still struggling to get the attention from the opposite sex I was so desperately hoping to receive. In all honesty, my struggle with my weight was affecting all aspects of my life: my happiness, my dating and social life, my job…… all the way down to my condence and even my perception of how others viewed me. And perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this whole time period was that no matter how much I starved myself or how long I worked out every day, my fat stores just wouldn’’t budge. Have you ever felt like being ““lean”” and having a desirable body just wasn’’t possible for you? That no matter what you did or how hard you tried, that you’’d still never succeed? I have, and I can tell you rsthand it’’s not a fun feeling. And if any of my personal experiences sound familiar to you, let me assure you…… it’’s not your fault. You see, the unfortunately reality is...
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