Burma Crisis

Topics: Burma, Bangladesh, Violence Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: July 21, 2012
It all started as a struggle for independence between Buddhist and Muslims in Burma at the same time when Pakistan got its freedom. Roghinya are Muslim minority and Arakanese are Buddhist majority. Many atrocities took place over the years but the recent one is the most horrific. Crisis begun this June when rape and murder of an Arakanese girl was blamed on 3 Muslim Roghinya. 1982 law refuses to accept Roghinya as Burmese citizens, so a riot broke out sponsored by government. Muslims fled homes and took refuge in camps. UN observers were first driven out of country then food and water aid was stopped. Now 800000 Muslims are starving in camps near northern Araken state. Muslims are being killed in thousands. Many burned alive, others tortured to death, women raped and killed.20000 have been reported killed and 100 villages burnt to ground. Ironically Roghinya Muslims that fled to take refuge in Bangladesh were stopped in the middle of the ocean by the ships of Bangladeshi coastal guards. Reports are many opened fire on the refugee to turn them back! HRW staff who recently returned from Arakan state said that while both Roghinya and Arakanese were complicit in "terrible violence" during the June rioting, the subsequent mass arrests "focused on Roghinya"."Local police, the military, and border police have shot and killed Roghinya during sweep operations, [while] those detained are being held incommunicado," she said. Roghinya men and children as young as 12 being tortured in a police station in early July. After interrogating them about arson attacks in the town, police "handed them over" to Arakanese youths inside the station."I saw these youths burning the testicles and penis of old men with a cheroot [Burmese cigar] and also hitting young Muslim detainees with an iron rod and pushing a wooden stick in their anus" when will this injustices end.
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