Burl's Essay

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Ruben Dante
Burl’s Essay

The point of Burl’s is separating the social perspective of gender roles versus his personal separation of gender and sexuality

To Start of the boy is clearing shaken up as the lines between what is man and what is woman blur in mind as a seemingly perfect merger of the two walk by him right before his eyes. The idea of such thing had never crossed his mind as he states “Any woman might be a man. The fact of it clanged through the chambers of my brain. In broad day, in the midst of traffic, with my parents drinking coffee a few feet away, I felt as if everything I understood, everything I had taken for granted up to that moment--the curve of the earth, the heat of the sun, the reliability of my own eyes--had been squeezed out of me.” In this statement he shows us the relevance and impact this particular realization means to him as it was as if his very being had been “squeezed out” of him rather than the mere fact of the realization obviously affecting his personal views of gender and sexuality up to this point his life. In his personal life however who he was as a person in question starts affecting his families personal perspective on gender roles as they challenge a part of him they don’t want him to become. Sending him to gymnastics class, portraying traditional masculine behavior in aggression and physical activity further complicating his internal struggles against the social perspective of gender roles and sexuality stating, “I knew their sending me here was a form of disapproval, a way of banishing the part of me they didn't care to know.” This is a clear personal impact by immediate environment’s disapproves of who he might be. Finally he clearly separates his personal interest versus his families disregarding his feelings and further eliminating emotional transparency from his family further isolating himself from society. “By expressing disgust for the man in the car, I'd expressed disgust for an aspect of myself. Now...
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