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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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The Burka: Controversies over women all around the World

In present society there seems to be more and more controversies with Muslim women wearing the burka. The burka is a traditional piece of clothing used by women of Islamic religion. This piece of clothing is a type of veil attached to the head and covers the face and entire body, which the eyes uncovered, so women can see through it (Cody Daily, 2010). In this way, it is known that the burka has become a symbol of terrorism or a form of discrimination of women in the society, causing even more controversies. In the other hand, this piece of clothing erases the Muslim women’s identity and it is a symbol of faith and traditionally conservative Afghan society (Asamblea General Plenaria del Consejo de Estado francés, 2009). So now, although many countries consider that the use of the burka has negative effects on society and women, the burka has a positive effect if it is seen as a symbol of tradition and respect for the right to free development of personality. First of all, the burka represents an important symbol of tradition in the Afghan society. The use of the burka seen as something traditional between the Muslim women is characterized because this use represents a behavior of cultural and religious origins and its prohibition cannot be protected by the secularism notion (Motilla, 2009). Secularism notion means the view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs and a religious skepticism. Despite this, there are several European countries that are trying to forbid the use of the burka in public places because they argue that these religious expressions involve problems of public order and the safety of people; so these cultural minorities must leave their religious identities to adopt the common tradition in other countries (Cody Daily, 2010). It is important to mention that the use of veils should not be a prohibition, but a decision that women can freely make to defend...
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