Burj Al Arab

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Ksenia Kozlova
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Burj Al Arab - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reasons for the choice
I have chosen the Burj al Arab hotel for the following reasons: first of all I have been twice in Dubai, and I have really enjoyed it, then it has been my dream for the last two years to come back to the UAE and to spend at least one night in this wonderful hotel. I hope my dream will come true this year. I am planning to visit this country this September, that’s why I’ve decided to make a small research on the Burj al Arab hotel. Hotel description

The Burj al-Arab (Arabic "Tower of the Arabs") is a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 metres (1,053 feet), it is the tallest building used exclusively as a hotel. It stands in the sea on an artificial island 280 metres (919 feet) away from the beach in the Persian Gulf, connected to the mainland only by a private curving bridge. Construction of the hotel began in 1994, and its doors were opened to guests on December 1, 1999. It was built to resemble the sail of a dhow, a type of Arabian vessel. Near the top is a helipad, and extending from the other side of the hotel over the ocean is a restaurant called Al Muntaha (Arabic meaning Highest or Ultimate) supported by cantilever. The front (shore-facing) facade of Burj Al Arab has no windows, but is made up of translucent white fabric stretched across the structural frame - the sail of the dhow that the building's shape is inspired by. During the day, this white wall glows to illuminate the full-height atrium (at 180 meters, the world's tallest). At night, a complex arrangement of changing projected lighting makes Burj Al Arab a changing beacon seen from outside, while providing a dramatic illuminated show seen from the atrium within.

The Burj al-Arab does not have ordinary rooms. It is divided into 202 duplex suites. The smallest suite occupies an area of 169 square metres, and the largest one covers 780 square metres. It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world to stay in. The prices for the least expensive suites are in the range of $1,000 to over $6,000 a night. The most expensive suites can cost over $15,000 a night. The full amount it cost to build the hotel and furnish it has not yet been publicly released. Burj Al Arab aims to be of one the world’s most luxurious and exclusive hotel, winning numerous awards including several times the award for World’s Leading Hotel. It is a landmark on the Dubai coastline standing taller than the Eiffel Tower on a man-made island 280 meters offshore. Exceeding service and quality are foremost at the all-suite Burj Al Arab with an exceptionally high staff-to-suite ratio. All suites are laid out over two floors and the smallest of these starts at a spacious 170 square metres. Every suite enjoys unobstructed and enviable views of the Arabian Gulf and is furnished with the most modern amenities and specifications with a private guest services and butler service available on every floor. Burj Al Arab enjoys the benefit of a private beach, the Assawan Spa & Health Club and guests are able to use all the facilities of the adjoining Jumeirah Madinat Resort and Jumeira Beach Hotel which are just a short buggie ride away. There are a choice of fine dining restaurants, bars and lounges including the award-winning Al Mahara seafood restaurant. Personalised service sets Burj Al Arab apart from its competitors and guests benefit from strict reservation control over public access to hotel restaurants. Some relevant facts about the hotel:

The hotel's self-characterization as a "7-star" property is considered by travel professionals to be hyperbole, and an attempt to out-do a number of other hotels which claim "6-star" status. All major travel guides and hotel rating systems, however, have a 5-star maximum. According to the hotel's official site, the Burj al Arab is a "5-star deluxe hotel". •One of its restaurants, the Al Muntaha (meaning...
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