Buried Onions

Topics: Mind, Thought, The Flaws Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Buried Onions
What is an American Dream? Easy as a simple thought of the mind,most people might come to the conclusion that it’s an object or idea. Most might even reply saying its a stability of life in this case it is. In the book Buried Onions, Eddie had longed for a simple American Dream to call his own. As if life couldn’t get worse for Eddie, life itself had thrown a few onions down his road. Making it bewildering for Eddie to choose a direction to be substantially in his neighborhood.

“I had a theory about those vapors, which were not released by the sun’s heart but by a huge onion buried under the city. This onion made us cry. Tears leapt from our eyelashes and stained our faces.” (pg.2) In this story Buried Onions, Eddie has matured in a neighborhood where gangs lerk the streets and death is a natural being of state. Due to the fact that Eddie has matured in a gang infested life, he has placed a conspiracy that will never allow him to complete that American Dream to call his own.

Living in a neighborhood where all hopes were lost and where all dreams were buried with unions to eventually pulled you down with them. Eddie eventually though about just giving up and letting the best of himself go. Eventually he had to inspire himself as he quoted in the book, “....While studying a red ant that was hauling a white speck, the bread of its living, pinched in its mouth. ….... I told myself to keep a steady weight on my shoulders and to stay out of trouble and run a straight line-to stay away from the police and the rumblings of vatos who have nothing to do.” Eddie compared himself to the red ant, he had to keep his head up and try his best. People might think that its Eddies fault for not having a job and not having a family. But is it really his fault, or is it the fault of the people around him? He's’ been raised by people who do not expect nothing at all from life. By people who think it's normal to living in an area where you're most likely to fail...
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