Burger King vs Scientific Management

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  • Published : October 5, 2008
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cientific management was a theory developed by Frederic Winslow Taylor(1856-1915) who was named “the father of scientific management”. Scientific management is a theory that indicates each worker should be trained in one specialized part only to simplify the jobs so they could perform at their best ability in order to increase productivity. After years of experiment and examining in the field of management, Taylor proposed four principles of scientific management.

(Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)) state that the first principle of scientific developed by Taylor was to replace rule –of-thumb work methods with methods based on a scientific study of the task. This showed that introducing scientific management which each man doing only one specialized part, quickly replace the old method. Second principle is to scientifically select, train and develop each worker rather than passively leaving them to train themselves (Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)). This means rather than leaving the worker to chose his own job and train themselves to their best abilities, instead, we could instruct them to their jobs. Third point was to cooperate with the workers to ensure that the scientifically developed methods are being followed. (Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)) This point suggested that workers will be cooperating with each other to make the best out of “the each worker specialized in one area” method. The last principle was to divide equally between managers and workers. So the managers apply scientific management principles and the workers actually perform the task. (Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)) By doing this will actually achieve the best result of scientific management as each manager has their own part to control and will increase productivity.

From the above information we already know...
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