Burger King Ehtics

Topics: Business ethics, Virtue, Ethics Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Burger King Ethics
Burger King has strived to have very good ethical practices installed into their system of business. Honesty, integrity and respect are very common goals in the restaurants of Burger King. Good business practices are audited often to insure the quality and respect of the management and employees are in order.

These ethical practices begin in the management section of the company. Senior executives “partake in personalized videos about BKC’s gifts and conflict of interest policies and run contest to actively engage employees in ethic topics.” These managers are expected to show that all employees’ rights and values are highly respected.

Employees are expected to go through trainings and orientation to familiarize them with all ethical policies and codes created at Burger King. One way this is accomplished is by “using animated characters in video” to explain the codes. This makes it more fun for the employee to learn and memorize the ethics codes presented.

Vendors who are approved to do business with Burger King are expected to be in “full compliance with the ethical codes established by Burger King.” Burger King “must operate in full compliance with the laws of other countries, including the rules, regulations, customs and published standards applicable to them along with labor, safety, and worker health laws that apply.”

As quoted in the Burger King corporate code; “our philosophy is simple: integrity, honesty and compliance with the law are not optional. When it comes to ethics, there is no compromise. We believe that in today’s challenging worldwide business environment, prosperity and social responsibility go hand in hand.

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