Burger King Case

Topics: Marketing, Fast food restaurant, Strategic management Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Table of Concepts:
1) Integrated Marketing Communication – Chapter 13
* Carefully integrating and coordinating the company’s many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and competing message 2) Advertising Strategy – Chapter 12
* The strategy by which the company accomplishes its advertising objectives; consists of creating and selecting advertising media 3) Advertising objectives – Chapter 13
* A specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time 4) Direct Marketing – Chapter 13
* Direct connection with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain and immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship. 5) Sale promotion – Chapter 13
* Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase of sale of a product or service 6) Promotional Mix – Chapter 13
* Blend of advertising that company uses to persuavisly communicate customer value and build relationship. 7) Push Strategy – Chapter 13
* Strategy that calls for using the sales and trade promotion to push the product through channels. 8) Pull Strategy – Chapter 13
* Strategy that calls for using the sales and trade promotion to pull the product through channels.

SWOT Analysis:
Strengths - Advertising Campaign - Fast food- International distributor| Weaknesses - small target market- unhealthy environment| Opportunities - product improvement- branding| Threats - competitors (McDonald/Wendy’s)- health concern|

Over the years, Burger King has successfully grown simply through integrated marketing communication system. Today, Burger King is showing healthy profits, rising stock prices, and strong international growth. In past, BK’s advertising and corporate strategy failed mainly because they didn’t listen to their customer and didn’t advertise their main product to maintain a stable target market. However, BK is now one of the top...
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