Bureaucracy and Development

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Bureaucracy and Development

Today, virtually all developing countries are engaged in extensive and intensive programs and projects to bring about socio-economic development. These continual development means to fashion entire societies, and to improve conditions and achievement in all sectors- agriculture and industry (with regard to environment protection), education, health, urban and rural development, transport, communication and social welfare. Indeed, development has become the entire politics of most developing countries. The major agency for development is the administrative machinery (in public administration it is called bureaucracy). In the modern state bureaucracy plays very significant role. With the expansion of the government’s duty and responsibility the duty of bureaucrat increases. As modern states are welfare states, so they are to complete a great number of works. And for this the government is to depend upon the bureaucrat. Both in developed and UN developed country bureaucracy plays a very important role. Regarding this professor finer says, “The function of the bureaucracy is not merely an improvement of government, indeed. Without it, government itself could be impossible.” Efficiency and anonymity are the two main characteristics of civil service. But among the bureaucrats of many countries these qualities are not seen. In a democratic country after every five years election held as a result government changes. But the bureaucrats are not changed. Here we will discuss detail about the role of bureaucracy in development Role of Bureaucracy:

1. Determining Policy: In our country, other country also, bureaucrats particularize the policies of the government and ministers only sign. Government policies are very complex. So for this work artistic skill is must. Bureaucrats are those who have this skill. 2. Framing Legislation: In Bangladesh enact any law bureaucrat play a very important role. Important bills presented in the parliament are prepared by the bureaucrats. They justifying and out of the bill and then it’s presented in the parliament. 3. Influencing the legislature: they supply necessary information regarding different govt, department and organizations. Sometimes they influence the conference committee according to their own interest. 4. Carrying out routine work of government: bureaucracy execute daily routine work of government. Education, public welfare, social security, police, judiciary, tax, law and order etc, are included in these works. 5. Implementing legislation and policies: bureaucrats not only draw up laws and principles but also substantiate them. Indeed the bureaucracy is more influential in this regard. They can repeal or enact any law according to their necessity 6. Keeping contract between the public and government: in Bangladesh bureaucrats play the role of liaison between the government and public. They inform the people about the government activities and people inform them about their problem and want solution. 7. Development works: Success of various development activities largely depends upon the bureaucrats. They devote in nation building work and plan and materialize them timely. 8. Implementing social change: bureaucrats play vital role in social change. They help the governments to understand the changing social demand s and find out the way to fulfill them. 9. Non-political role: bureaucrats should play non political role. But it is a matter of regret that bureaucrats in Bangladesh, to a large extent are derailed, very often they are found in liaison with ruling political party. Sometimes ruling party oppresses the bureaucrats who do not submit themselves to the whim of the ministers on leaders. We have witnessed such quarrel between ministers and bureaucrats.

Bureaucracy and Political Development:
The civil service or public bureaucracy is regarded as a sub-system of the political system in which it functions. Therefore, the behavior of bureaucrats is...
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