Burberry Stakeholder Mapping

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Taking the role of consultants, produce an ‘information pack’ for a British based company about to embark on a cross border business relationship with TWO countries of your choice outside the UK. To avoid potential repetition it is recommended you select countries from different ‘sectors’ of the world. The ‘Project Globe’ (House 2003) categories below indicate differing clusters of countries:

Confucian Asia
Eastern Europe
Germanic Europe
Sub-Saharan Africa
Latin America
Latin Europe
Nordic Europe
Southern Asia
(French 2010:177)
Based on the following two theoretical dimensions, this information pack should provide advice on the anticipated characteristics of the potential clients/suppliers and how the cultures may differ from Britain. It should focus on the following two dimensions:

a) The degree of anticipated ‘uncertainty avoidance’ (Hofstede) that may be encountered and the likely consequences in a
business setting.
b) Whether the societies evaluate people on achievement or
ascription (Trompenaars) and the possible results that may
The information pack should:
Be in a clear format suitable for managers who are unfamiliar with the subject.
Be in a narrative format. Report format is acceptable. Bullet points are not acceptable.
Have credibility in academic terms and be supported with full Harvard citation and referencing. Further guidance can be found on:
Be word processed.
Include all student ID numbers (not names) on each page. Include a statement that you agree to be awarded a single mark. Have contents secured by stapling the top left hand corner(no folders necessary)

Have a total maximum word count of 2000 words (excluding bibliography and any appendices.) The word count must be stated.
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