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When it comes to Burberry, it is widely believed that this brand is extremely well-known. Burberry is a great corporation with a glorious history. It was established in a small town named Basingstoke in UK by a twenty-one-year-old boy. At the very beginning it was just a small-scale tailor shop. By the year 1870, that tailor shop had grown to a large-scale general merchandise store because of its creation and high-quality products. An important year for Burberry was 1891, when the firm was formally named as ‘Thomas Burberry & Sons’ in London. It stirred the whole world in terms of a group of adventurers of Norway be the first to reach South Pole. What they wore were exactly the outdoor products and the clothing apparels of Burberry. During the First World War, Burberry was regarded as a royal brand for British recruits. The style familiar to us was eventually emerged in 1920 which was the classic tartan design and it was used as the trademark. In contemporary society, Burberry has been an internationally well-developed brand and their marketing channels are located almost all over the world. Notwithstanding, a gorgeous and successful corporation like Burberry also had gotten into a badly serious trouble by the end of last century. In the mid-decades of 20th century, the hi-fashion brands made in France and Italy were gradually emerged, in this particular case, a growing number of consumers said that Burberry was out-fashion and just fit for old men because of its stuffy styles. During the 1980s, Burberry was still a strongly famous brand though, yet their main marketing areas were focused in the east of Asia, especially in Japan. Due to this, Burberry gave the licence production to Mitsui of Japan. By the mid-1990s the Far East accounted for an unbalanced 75% of Burberry's sales. "It almost became an Asian brand," winced Bravo (the subsequent CEO of Burberry), "particularly in the eyes of British and American customers." For some reasons, Burberry had declined by...
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