Bunsen Burner Lab

Topics: Volume, Liquid, Density Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: October 2, 2011
I. Objectives
A. Able to use Bunsen Burner
B. Show to handle liquids and solids in lab.
C. Basic safety and Electric balance.
D. To show knowledge of being able to find volume of a liquid. II. Equipment.
A.Bunsen Burner
B.Rubber Hose
D.Electric Balance
E.Crucible Tongs
F.Piece of paper
G.Gas and Knob
H.Copper Wire
I.2.75g of Sugar
J.Test Tube
K.Graduated Cylinder

III. Procedure
Put on Safety Goggles.
Bunsen Burner Lab
oAttach Rubber hose to gas line
oTurn Gold knob counter clockwise to allow gas
oOpen ports for air.
oTurn gas on
oLight with striker the Bunsen Burner
oAdjust gas to quiet steady flame.
oUsing crucible tongs hold piece of copper for five seconds over Bunsen Burner in different parts of the flame oTurn off Bunsen Burner using gas knob
Sugar Lab
oZero out Electric Scale.
oPut 2.75g of Sugar on Paper
oFold Tray in half and pour sugar in to small test tube.
oRinse and discard materials
Water Lab
oMake Procedure
o3 different amounts of water in Graduated Cylinders and record. oMeasure mass on scale to find weight or mass of water
oDivide weight by volume
IV. Analysis

oFor Sugar Lab I observed the weight of the Sugar and observed it transfer to the shape of the test tube when put in the test tube. oDuring Copper Lab I observed copper change from copper brown tint, to a gray silver tint. oWater lab I observed the comparison between volume and mass. Mass (g)Volume (mL)Density (g/mL)


This lab has shown that the data was collected mostly responsible through consistency of the Water lab. •In theory even when you change the amount of liquid the density ratio of water should not change because you are changing the variables only. • This shows almost accuracy because we got densities very similar on our three different attempts as...
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