Bundu Ics Report

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Internal combustion engine, Wood fuel Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Report on Improved Cooking Stove (ICS)

The habitation of Bundu block is mostly rural in nature .therefore for the kitchen purpose they used fuel wood as a input source to prepare the food. Which they bring from nearby forest area or they used to cut the live trees. Burning of fuel wood also generate the carbon dioxide which is a dangerous gas which is inhaled by the rural families of Bundu .which become a major causal organism for the rural people. The traditional stoves intake more bioenergy to generate the intrinsic energy to cook the food in compare to the ICS (Improved Cooking Stoves). Besides the carbon dioxide the blackening of room is also a major drawback and problem of the traditional stoves which runs through the fuel wood. The major advantages of ICS are as follows:

1. Improved cooking stove (ICS) is a device that is designed to improve combustion efficiency of biomass, consume less fuel, save cooking time, convenient in cooking process and creates smokeless environment in the kitchen or reduction in the volume of smoke produced during cooking against the traditional stove. 2. More than 70% of Indians live in rural areas and they use wood burning cook stoves for cooking their food. 3. The wood burning stoves currently in use in villages operate at an efficiency level as low as 6-8%. This results in increase in demand of firewood that accelerates the felling of wood resulting in deforestation. However, with a little effort, it is possible to increase the thermal efficiency of these stoves considerably. 4. Improved fuel wood stoves would reduce:

i. Firewood consumption substantially
ii. Pressure on CPR/Forest
iii. Time and effort on collection of firewood
iv. Smoke related health hazard as women are at high risk due to long v. exposure to smoke
vi. Environmental hazard and thereby make their utility economical & efficient.

5. Keeping the above context in mind, DESI Technology Solutions provides...
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