Bullying's Impact on All

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Teenage Bullying
One of the most common problems in the world is bullying. In my opinion, I think bullying is a really bad thing! Don’t you guys agree with me? Bullying can affect everyone (!) such as people who are bullied, the bully, and the witness. The biggest problem bullying leads to is that it hurts the feelings of the person who is being bullied! Also, bullying can cause a teenage suicide! Bullying can cause big impacts on mental health and physical health. Therefore, I believe that the bullying has to stop!

Many problems could result from bullying. Teenagers who are bullied can experience mental health, physical health, and a bad school life. They can experience anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and depression. Teenagers can have a bad education, too. They may skip, miss, or drop out of the school. Teenagers who are bullying can commit theft, become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and mostly they will experience a bad life time. Furthermore, teenagers who witnessed the bullying might be influenced to the bully and use tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. They too can experience anxiety or depression. As well, they can also miss or skip the school. Correspondingly, they can have mental health problems just like the people who get bullied.

There are lots of solutions to prevent people from harassment. One answer is to help the bully. The tormentor intimidates because they have some kind of anger or sad feelings, and they have to vent that feelings to somebody. So, I think it is important to cure the oppressor’s heart. Another key is that adults or friends need to support the person who is being terrorised. Just by getting supported from others, it might help the teens who are frightened. Third resolution is to make a law about maltreatment. This seems too harsh but, teens are committing suicide and we had to stop them. If we make a law about oppression between the teenagers, people might stop hounding. These explanations might prevent people to tyrannize.

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