Bullying: Victim and Researchers

Topics: Victim, Bullying, High school Pages: 8 (2481 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Bullying and its Effects on CIC High School Students’ Social and Academic Life

I. Introduction
Bullying is one of the major problems that our students are facing. In CIC’s Guidance Office and even in the Office of the Student’s Affairs (OSA) many of the students have reported different cases of bullying. Some students do not go in the said offices but instead they would prefer to relay such incidents to their teachers. Some go directly to the Principal’s Office along with their parents or guardians. One good attestation and observation, a high school student who feels superior tends to bully students in the lower years. This student asks some students from lower years to do his assignment. Sometimes he drives the student’s confidence down. The freshmen and some students of different year levels are afraid of this student. In order for this student to succeed in his studies or get high grade he would force others to do his projects. Hence, he looks for weaker student that he may over power in order for him to be famous or be regarded as someone influential. The victim loses his focus in school because of the threat brought by this bully. Sometimes he would not attend his classes and increase tendency of failing his academic subjects. Such scenario has been a recurring phenomenon in the school environment. Numerous studies have been made in the past as part of a continuous attempt to understand human behavior in its entirety. At present, however, bullying has been regarded a typical happening in schools and less attention is given to it or none at all. Although bullying may seem a minor concern in the research locale of this study, which is the school, it undermines most students who are simply afraid to speak up about it. According to Encarta Dictionary, bullying is the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a vulnerable situation. Cases of physical, sexual, emotional, even spiritual abuse may be considered as bullying (Ouimet, 2011).Bullying may also be described as Rankism or discriminatory towards others because of their rank in a particular hierarchy. (Fuller, 2003) Bullying is an action which uses negative words against someone which causes distress to the one who is being bullied. Moreover, the victim may lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, hopelessness and worst develop suicidal tendencies (Oliver et al., 2003). Bullying may also cause students’ absenteeism or particularly their less engagement in school. In one scenario, a higher year student has a project in one of his subjects. For this student to accomplish the project, he threatens a lower year student verbally to do it for him and finish it as soon as possible. If the victim would not comply with the oppressor’s demand, the oppressor will beat up the lower year student ruthlessly. However, the victim is also busy with his studies and it’s difficult for the victim to do the oppressor’s demand at the same time. Since, he could not do the oppressor’s demand; the victim will not go to school because he is afraid to be beaten up. These findings have encouraged the researchers to conduct a further study in a specific place where such cases are often occurring, the school. In relation to our study, Ken Seeley, EdD et al. (2009) of the National Center for School Engagement conducted a research on peer victimization or also known as Bullying. Their study tells that bullying is not direct cause of students’ absenteeism or low school achievement. However, Bullying results in the victim becoming less engaged in school and cease attending classes. Seeley et.al focused on the effects and ultimate outcomes of bullying not just whether raw bullying numbers decrease, but whether the ever-present victims of bullying go on to college or to crime. Their research was also designed to assess the role of victimization frequency and intensity in determining how much school a student misses. Additionally, their study reveals a connection between bullying...
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