Bullying Sociology

Topics: Bullying, Verbal abuse, Abuse Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 7, 2013

1. Bullying is when someone or a group with superior power of influence repeatedly and intentionally harm another person or group who are helpless to respond. There are four types of bullying: physical, verbal, covert, and cyber. Physical bullying is hitting, pushing, tripping, damaging property, ect. Verbal bullying includes insults, intimidation, homophobic or racist remarks, ect. Covert bullying includes lying and spreading rumors, nasty looks, making mean jokes, damaging someone’s social reputation, ect. Cyber bullying is covert bullying via cellphones, social networks, and personal websites. 2. Bullying has been documented over the centuries but it wasn’t until recent years that this subject really started to pick up media attention. 3. Bullying affects everyone.

4. Bullying has changed over the years. Today rather than being shoved into a locker or down a toilet we have more cyber bullying and gun shootings. 5. Where common sense exists bullying is not and should not be socially acceptable. Sadly there are some people lacking in the common sense department. Since when has it become socially acceptable to be a bigot? Since the first time an ignorant jock decided it would be cool to throw the gay kid down a flight of stairs. 6. 47 states have taken initiative and enacted laws requiring schools to address the problem. Companies like Microsoft have attempted to make the Internet a safer place. The media has given this issue a lot of attention which helps in the prevention of bullying. Many organizations, like the NEA, are dedicated towards bullying prevention and awareness. There are websites on the internet that are directed towards bullied children, parents of bullied children, bullies, ect… While these efforts may be productive there is still a lot of work to do. Bullying is still on the rise. While certain types of bullying may have decreased others have increased such as cyber bullying and bullying against gays. 7. If...
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