Bullying: Salem Witch Trials and Final Status Update

Topics: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Salem, Massachusetts Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: May 17, 2012
The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play based on the 1692 Salem witch trials in Massachusetts, where nineteen innocent people were accused of being witches, found guilty, and put to death .In this time period, anyone could accuse you of being involved in witchcraft. That was a major problem; now a major problem is bullying.

The similarities between the Salem witch trials and bullying is they both overuse their power and their aggression complements their power which really does not give the defendant side a chance at all. There were also overly powerful religious judges that were against witch craft and if you were accused a witch they would hang you, but if you confessed that you were a witch, they would try to save your soul. For example judge Hathorne enters a court room and yells out, “How do you dare come roarin’ into this court! Are you gone daft (crazy)!” to Corey. It shows that he is overusing his power insensibly. But because judges had so much power, they felt in charge of everybody and everything in their town. That is what is happening with bullying; the bullies have so much physical power that they pick on other kids that are younger or smaller than them, and their aggression gets in the way and they won’t stop. Bullying, like the Salem witch trials, is unnecessary and done for wrong reasons. There are many differences between the Salem witch trials and bullying, for example, bullying has three different categories: Normal bullying, Cyber bullying, and Name calling. Witch trials are just one way to bully, just go to a religious judge and tell them that “this” person is a witch and they will believe you. Even with the years that have passed, people have not changed a bit. They still hurt others physically and mentally without care. For example in the article from Time Magazine, “When Bullying turns Deadly: Can it be stopped?”, there is a story on a boy that jumps off the George Washington Bridge because his roommate recorded him kissing a...
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