Bullying Report

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Bullying Report
What is Bullying?
Bullying is a situation where a person or persons try to have power over another person or people making the person or people uncomfortable, threatened, or powerless. Making the person feel lost not knowing who he or she is, losing sight of his or her identity. This is not a single occurrence but happens time after time. This is a form of abuse and it may come in styles of emotional, mental, verbal and even physically. Bullying is not only violent attacks but can be verbal comments to a person or gossip that is intended to harm another person or spreading false rumors. A new type of bullying is cyber-bullying which is conducted by e-mail, blogging, texting, or touting. Excluding a person from activities is a form of bullying. Bullies have a habit of being impulsive, confident, and having many friends (Price, 2004). Recognizing Bullying

Bullying is an aggressive behavior that is repeated over a time period and is unwanted by the person the behavior is intended. It involves negative actions that are unwanted by another person. Bullying involves taking power from another person and leaving that person helpless. This can happen by verbal bullying including derogatory comments or bad name calling. Through social exclusion or causing the person to become isolated is a form of bullying. Physical bullying such as shoving, spitting, or hitting and kicking are forms of abuse. Spreading false rumors to damage a person’s reputation through lies is a form of bullying. Being forced to do things with the threat of harm or taking and damaging property is bullying (Olweus, 2013). Bullying is not teasing; teasing is conducted in fun and without physical or emotional abuse. Bullies have a strong need for power and to dominate other people negatively. Bullies find satisfaction in harming and making other people suffer emotionally. Bullies find rewards for his or her behavior with material objects or psychological satisfaction. Gender and...
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