Bullying Letter for Teachers

Topics: Bullying, Verbal abuse, Abuse Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Dear all teachers out there, I am aware that some of you do put an effort into stopping bullying but most of you don’t. Your getting paid to educate kids, to put them in the right direction, to help us on our life journey, you’re always insuring us and our parents that we are safe... Most of you let classroom-bullying slide, how can you, most of the bullying happens there, be vigilant. It’s not always in the playground. I know many of my peers who get picked on in class, and the teachers do nothing. Many of them have depression and don’t come to school due to the fact; they have to spend 6 hours, 5 days a week at a place, where they only would be put down by students in their class. Those who bully aren’t just affecting people’s social, emotional status, they’re also affecting their marks. Many have potential... but there are few who have the potential to make a difference in our world. There are plenty of students out there who deserve to be higher ranked, but haven’t been given the opportunity to learn. Bullies interrupt lessons and make the victim feel unwanted; Left out, depressed and most of all hurt. Victims have the determination to strive in life after leaving school, but are emotionally damaged from a place, which is labeled safe. Teachers go on and on about how they help students who get bullied. I question this 1.When someone is getting picked on both physically and emotionally during class 2 in 9 teachers do something, others ignore it or laugh it off, kids are constantly getting bullied, please explain how have you minimized it. 2.Why do you put known bullies and their victims in the same class, kids would wag more. The bullies have a forum to bully, and the victim has a regularly time slot to be verbally and physically beaten. 3.Walk a kilometre in their shoes, be a student for a day... look it from our point a view, I know you have to keep an eye on 30 other students but its noticeable, please give me a detailed explanation on how you don’t...
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