Bullying in the Elementry School

Topics: Aggression, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 9 (3055 words) Published: May 13, 2013


Reina V. Reyes Oquendo
GEEN 2313
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Bullying 5
Areas affected by bullying 6
Recent research 7
Methods to access bullying 9
Pikas Method 10
Findings 12
References 13

Every day we face situations that affect our diary to live. The children have a beautiful daily beginning, until they come to their school environment. There they found truly friends, but also children who damage them. The school harassment or "bullying" is a social problem that affects the majority of the children in our country and the world. The school harassment is the intimidation that a child creates, with power or force and aggression on one or more children to call the attention or simply to avoid to be one more. The "bullying" since better it is known refers to any act of physical or verbal aggression that it realizes one or more children against his homonyms. At the global level there is a phenomenon that affects the education of children and young people. This is manifested within the centers of education and has been for decades a serious problem that can bring repercussions to the students. Garcia (2011) indicates that the bullying cause serious damage to the mental and physical health in the people involved. It is inferred that the bullying is a problem, to the extent that we see as the students identify to this as an evil that harm permanently or part. Another reason is that it breaks with the expectations of society, which searches for a good school environment and therefore, it becomes an antisocial behavior reprehensible. To learn this behavior we must begin with the main participant, the aggressor. The aggressor is usually mostly feel need to dominate, are impulsive, show little empathy and are presented as people physically stronger. Olweus (1980) reaffirmed that it is natural to assume that they have developed a certain degree of hostility toward the environment, such feelings and impulses can make injure or harm to others causing them satisfaction. The aggressors may be people who work, study or provide services within the school and its grounds. We emphasize that the aggressor is not only the student but that involves other people. The spectator is an indirect aggressor, which according to Trautmann (2008), is the hearing of the aggressor and in which the aggressor is stimulated or inhibited by them. Any type of attacker can reach express violence with direct contact, psychological, emotional and the use of technology. These, the aggressor and the spectator or cooperator assault to another person, the victim, which suffers from all the aggressions. Galvez (2008), mentions that the victims usually are children that do not have the resources or skills to react, are little sociable, sensitive and fragile. Children who suffer from bullying are rejected by the other students and live in constant search of acceptance. These behaviors can have serious consequences for the physical and mental health of the victim permanently or part. From the right to education, physical, mental and the life, is that I am looking for studying this phenomenon as a social problem so that, identify their mode of operation, how to treat it and prevent it.

The term bullying (Olweus, 1978) is now common in the literature on the topic of bullying among schoolchildren, to refer the situation of sustained violence, mental or physical, guided by an individual or by a group, directed at another individual in the group, who cannot defend themselves. The problem, being a new phenomenon, if it adopts new dimensions and it is worrying that our industrialized society that seems to have reached a certain level of welfare, employment of abuse and violence in school...
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