Bullying in Schools

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Bullying in schools continues to be a serious problem today. Bullying can happen in any school to a child of any age or gender. The sad part about being bullied is that the victim can have lasting scars all their life. Usually a child being victimize in school by bullies ‘is not popular or their physical appearance is not up to their standards. These children usually suffer verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or all three abuses by their bullies’. The scars I suffered from being bullied in school left me with self esteem issues, emotional eating disorder, and depression. I was a loner in school because of the constant finger pointed, name calling, and being taunted daily. The principal, teachers, and staff had no idea that I was being bullied because I was terrified of the bully’s retaliation. I kept quiet about what was happening to me in school and food became my best friend. There were many times that these other kids would gather around me and traumatize me by pulling my hair; poking me with sharp objects; teasing; pushing me back and forth, and name calling. Being a chubby girl did not help neither the bullies constantly loved to make fun of my appearance, laugh, and make undesirable jokes. Their evil wrongdoings made me become very insecure about me. I worry about what others think of me; my image; fitting in that circle of friends; are a few of self-esteem issues I have nowadays. Children in many schools today are being bullied and sadly feel lonely like I did and face this problem on their own. Many must feel unprotected and scared to speak to someone about being bullied and probably in some rare cases take matters in their own hands. For instance, there were many times that I felt I could not endure so much hurt that I thought of committing suicide. I must say that I did not act on such suicidal thoughts like “17 year old Eric Mohat from Ohio”. He committed “suicide because he could not handle the constant harassment, teasing, name calling,...
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