Bullying in School

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School is a place where students go to learn. Each student should have the opportunity to develop the skills of solving a problem in a nonviolent manner. Educators should have in mind a student’s culture. Instead of labeling them as troublemakers, they should give them a chance to learn how to cope, and deal with problems by teaching them the steps they need to take. There has to be some consistent ways of solving these problems. Not with the punishments approaches that some school takes, but by solving practices and the implementation of respect, fairness, and discipline.

Punishment approaches by the school to solve violence are not the correct ones. They blame the violent student, but rarely do anything to solve the problem, or prevent further harm. These punishments are not successful because they do not solve these issues from where the problem starts. Schools need to solve the problems before they escalate and en up building an even bigger problem. If they deal with the source where violence is coming from, and address the problem early, and consistently, then school would be stronger and safer. Education systems use surveillance to punish the student, however, if they are replaced with the base for education, and the restoration of a healthy community then the amount of violence would be less.

Educators can build a fair, and cooperative environment that discourages violence by inspiring healthy relationships in schools and classrooms. There is a combination of tools for handling conflicts, and promoting healthy relationships. For example, give the job to a social worker who has experience dealing with these issues. The social worker can help solve the problem by observing what is going on in the classrooms, as well as in the school in general and assessing the problems. Then he can start working with the students, and the teacher to solve the problems. Unfortunately there are many schools who cannot afford to implement such solutions because of budget...
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