Bullying in School

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The issue of bullying is a social issue that can be seen in different context of life (Mishna, Scarcello, Pepler, & Wiener, 2005). This essay will discuss the meaning of the term, what aspect that it involves, identifying the behavior that can be classified as bullying, the main cause of someone becoming a bully and what can be done to help resolve the issue of bullying. “‘Bullying’ is now widely defined as a ‘systematic abuse of power’ (Rigby, 2002), and more specifically as intentional aggressive behaviour that is repeated against a victim who cannot readily defend him- or herself. (Olweus, 1999).” (Smith, 2004, p.1) The act of ‘bullying’ itself entails different types such as: Physical bullying which includes hitting, kicking, robbing, slapping, etc.; Verbal bullying such as name-calling, insulting, racist comments, etc.; Social bullying such as excluding one person through verbal threats or spreading rumors; and Cyber bullying which is done through Internet by e-mails or social network sites. To look into the incentive of bullying, we need to go back to the characteristics of bullying, as mentioned above: Intentional aggressive act(s): When someone does an act intentionally, it means that the person is conscious of the act that is being done. The act usually entails consequences / reactions / gains / feelings that the person hope will come up from him/herself and/or the other party (in this case the person being bullied). For example, the bully may feel satisfied when he/she hurts other people or get money/things from intimidating his/her victim (Siswati & Widayanti, 2009). Unbalanced power: For a relationship to be successful or have positive impact there needs to be a balance distribution of power. Milsom & Gallo (2006) state that in bullying there is too much power tip toward one side of the parties involved. This balance of power comes from the needs of a bully to gain control over another and the way to gain control is...
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