Bullying in High School

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Bullying in High School
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This statement is not true anymore. Direct verbal bullying or indirect verbal bullying such as cyberbullying can be more harmful than physical bullying. Bullying represents a significant problem in US schools, affecting approximately one in three children. There are many types bullying that result in problems and trouble for high school students, there are many possible preventions or intervention strategies to reduce it.

Bullying can be defined in many ways and statistic show how often or how widely it happens. Bullying is usually defined as a form of aggression in which in or more children intend to harm or disturb another to defend himself or herself. Bullying is also calling names, physically assaulting, threatening, stealing, vandalizing, slandering, excluding, and taunting (Smokowski, p. 101). On a typical school day three out of ten children are involved in bullying. Estimated 160,000 children skip school for fear of being harassed. At least 16 states passed law for antibullying. 75% of American children have been victim of bullying according to NCPC (Greenya, p. 1).

Bullying has consequences both short and long term that can be devastating for the victims. Bullying, no matter what kind can affect the whole life. Teens report a wide range of emotions as a result of experiencing bullying form anger to embarrassment to indifference. Over half of bullying victims report feeling angry (56%); one-third report feeling hurt (33%); a third being embarrassed (32%) and one in eight said they felt scared (13%) (NCPC, p. 2). Effects of bullying also includes lower self-esteem, higher rates of depressions, loneliness, anxiety, high absenteeism rates, academic difficulties and other problems (AMA, p.11).

Many schools around the country have started programs to deal with bullying and perhaps try to prevent it. Some possible preventions for bullying are “zero tolerance...
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