Bullying Bosses

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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Bullying Bosses?
Q1) Of the three types of organizational justice, which one does workplace bullying most closely resembles? Out of the three types of organizational justice, bullying most closely resembles interactional justice in which the individual’s perception of the degree to which he or she is treated with dignity, concern and respect. What one person may see as unfair another may see as perfectly appropriate (Judge, Robbins, 2006).

Q2)What aspects of motivation might workplace bullying reduce? For example, are there likely to be effects on employee’s self efficacy? If so, what might those effects be? Workplace bullying may reduce an employee’s esteem, safety and security, and self actualization according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Workplace bullying can also affect one’s self efficacy. An employee with low self efficacy, when bullied, can experience a decline in their already low self efficacy which may decrease his/her need for achievement, need for power, and need for affiliation based on McClelland’s theory of needs. There are not too many people, which if they are being bullied would want to achieve a new position, attain power, or even want to belong to such a company where other employee’s are bullies.

Q3) If you were a victim of workplace bullying, what steps would you take to try to reduce its occurrence? What strategies would be most effective? What strategies might be ineffective? What would you do if one of your colleagues was a victim of an abusive supervisor? If I were a victim of workplace bullying, I would first approach my bully and inform him/her of the inappropriate behavior. If the behavior continued and the bully was not management, then I would go to management and let them know there is a problem. If the bully was a part of management, I would seek help from the special groups in most companies that are dedicated to unfair behavior within the company. If the company had no such group, I would do the opposite of what the...
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