Bullying Awareness

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Bullying Awareness

Bullying has become a great concern to many people, and parents especially because of kids and teenagers who have emotionally and physically suffered from being bullied by their classmates. Students have been pushed, hit, and verbally bullied by others and adults don’t think this type of actions are so serious and prefer to ignore it. In the past years there has been cases of suicide and murder of students who have been bullied and it has caught many schools attention. Is not that bullying has become more common now a days. The difference is that the media is making this problem more public than it used to and it is making people more cautious about this problem. Now there are schools that want to take action into preventing this type of conduct within the students by implementing bullying awareness programs.

Is this change the real solution in preventing bullying? First we have to understand the meaning of this word or else my whole point is not going to make sense. According to the dictionary, “bullying is the use of strength or influence to intimidate someone else”. The whole purpose of it is to force another person to do what one wants. We have to be realistic and understand that creating programs specifically created for this purpose will not resolve the problem, and here is why. If that is the meaning of bullying then every single person in the world has being bullied, people always tell us what to do or not to do, we have been criticized, insulted, and offended by others. It is up to us as an individual to decide if we are going to allow this type of aggravations affect us in any way. There is nobody out there that can take control over our feelings other than ourselves. If schools create a bullying awareness program everyone already knows what we are going to be told, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the program is going to listen and actually do what they are expected to do. People already know what is right and wrong, teenagers know it too, and if kids are expected to know it as well, then parents should make sure to teach their kids how to behave and treat others with respect from a young age.

All caring parents want their kids to be safe and want to protect them from anything that may harm them, but unfortunately they don’t always have the opportunity to be with them to do so. We will always be exposed to dangerous situations and rude people throughout our lives and a bullying awareness program will not stop those people from bullying us. Let’s pretend that right now all local schools have approved of this program. Students are talked about the consequences of bullying, why is it bad, and why should it stop. Let’s say that it worked and bullying has successfully decreased in some schools and it has stopped in others. What will happen then when those students go to college, get a job, and have their own kids later on in life? Those programs only worked for a certain time while they go to school, but when they go out to the real world, will they be prepared for it? Their whole lifes up to this point they have been protected by the school system without being allowed to experience the cruelty that life brings to this world day by day.

Honestly the only thing that schools would be doing by implementing these programs is controlling students and making parents believe that that is the best and only choice there is for their kids to be safe. Society now days want to have everything in their power and that is what they have been doing by implementing laws that really don’t work. For example, the law that prohibited same sex marriage. This law has put an image on younger people to think that being gay or lesbian is wrong and not tolerable and that’s where “bullying” starts. There have been cases where boys who assure to be gays were bullied until they were emotionally hurt and the only way that they found to stop the pain was by committing suicide. “Jamie Hubley wrote openly about...
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