Bullying and Suicide

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, United States Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Imagine a life where day after day you are continuously bullied by a group of classmates. One day you think that you have had the worst day of your life, then a group of girls pull up to you in a car and throw a drink on you. You run home in tears and decide to take your life. This was Phoebe Prince’s story, much like many others’ who struggle through their lives with bullying. Suicides connected with bullying are a serious issue in the United States, but with a few simple steps can be easily prevented.

Statistics show a strong link between suicide and bullying. Bullying takes on many forms: physical, cyber, indirect, and verbal. Phoebe’s case was specific to verbal and cyber bullying, but they are all equally hurtful and cause much pain to the victim. Recently, a series of bullying-related suicides in the United States increased greatly.

People of authority should take initiative in preventing bullying. First, in schools there should be policies, and if the policies are disobeyed, then there should be serious consequences issued. Also, every state could have anti-bullying laws that if broken jail time could be given, or if the culprit is underage then they should be sent to a detention center for a set amount of time. Finally, parents should be held liable for their child, if their child is the antagonizer. Parents should teach their children not to hurt others from a young age to help prevent bullying.

The solution to bullying is a simple one. All we need to do is inform people of bullying and what it provokes, and then share our ideas on how to prevent bullying. We should also reach out to those who are bullied and show them that they have people who are here for them. The support of others may help them through this hard time and prevent the death of another valuable life.

Envision a life where you might be bullied day after day. Picture wanting to take your one and only life because of how other people treated you. Consider these...
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